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Create a Beach House Look in Your Home or Room

The Beach House Look

Do you watch beach house shows on HGTV for design inspiration or marvel at your friends or family who have decorated in beautiful beach designs?  Do you want to bring some of the Pacific into your home or bedroom?  Either way, you can create a relaxing, fun interior that looks like it belongs here at the beach for yourself!

Beach design colors can be vibrant and tropical, calm and neutral, or nautical blue and white. Even aqua and white or orange and white can create a beach feel. You can also use lots of beiges and light blues to reflect the colors of the sand and sky.

Here are some specific decorating ideas to create a beach house feel:

  • Choose pale-colored wood flooring, furniture or walls to reinforce a light and casual theme.
  • Add Natural Fiber Area Rugs or install wall-to-wall
  • Rattan, wicker or bamboo furniture brings a beach vibe, as do rag rugs.
  • Driftwood can be displayed as an art object or used as a table base.
  • Look for furniture or storage units made from lobster traps or salvaged wood from boats or piers.
  • Purchase window fashions that let in lots of light, and use artificial lighting that’s bright and warm.
  • Add touches from the sea, such as coral and shells made into lamps, chandeliers, boxes and decorative items.
  • Install boat fittings in your kitchen or bath, such as hinges, lanterns and pulls.
  • Use fabrics, throws, pillows, table linens and bed linens with beach motifs, palm trees, surfers and boats.
  • Add artwork that depicts the sea, birds, fish or surfers.
  • You can even display a real boat in your house!! Or a model of a boat.

Sail into a new interior look with a beach theme.  Get inspired on our Beach House Decor Pinterest page.  Hunter Douglas Nantucket shadings (pictured above) offer a streamlined selection of operating systems and soft sheers perfect for any beach decor!  For more ideas or help with your next design project, contact the team at Curtis Carpet.