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Minimalist Design


Minimalism is a clean and organized look, but don’t worry, a minimalist interior isn’t entirely bare! Minimalist design still includes beautiful furniture, flooring, window fashions and artwork.

Within the idea of minimalism, there are lots of choices of your look too, from beachy vibe to Asian zen to high-style sophisticated.  Some people think, the best thing about minimalist decor is that you have to get rid of the clutter! That’s why cabinets, closets and other out-of-sight storage are key.

Minimalist colors are usually muted and monochromatic. White is the most common color for minimalism, but you can also use soft earth tones like beige, taupe, tan and gray. In minimalism, a variation in texture usually takes the place of a variation in color.

Use these ideas to create a minimalist style in your home:

  • Make one element the focal point in a room, then the other pieces can support it.
  • Have mostly clear surfaces, with very few, well-selected decor items atop tables and floors, such as one sculpture or one vase of flowers or one photo of your family.
  • Hang a limited number of pieces of artwork on walls. Leave some walls without artwork, and the art you have will stand out even more!